A little something about me

My name is Brian Edward Goff, and I have a great love for my God, my family, Christian music and the written word.

In my nearly 40 years on this Earth I have discovered there is very little that can compare with the feeling of overcoming your fears, tossing aside the chains holding you back and accomplishing something you were not sure you could do.

That is what this blog is all about, finding that moment When Faith Eclipses Fear.

I am an easy going guy, who doesn’t like to stir up trouble. But I know starting up a project like this opens me up to criticism and possible negative reaction. So for me, just starting this blog is a show of my Faith overcoming my fears.

I feel God has blessed me with a talent for expressing myself through the written word, but have found that over the years I have not done nearly enough with it to honor Him.

That all changes now.

In my hour commute each way to work I listen to a lot of music on Air1 radio or my CD collection of Third Day, Toby Mac, Bryan Duncan and the like. In this time, I think about a great many things, like my favorite song lyrics and the stories that go with them, from the Bible to my own experiences.

I have felt compelled to share some of those thoughts, hence this blog. The whole time “Hoping God can use it to set some people free,” if I can borrow a line from TobyMac.

I have also started a Twitter account @FaithAboveFear to help promote the blog and might even start a Facebook page later on.

Feel free to leave me comments or send me an email to whenfaitheclipsesfear@gmail.com

More to come …

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