Favorite Christmas Story

Christmas was always big in my family growing up, and as the years pass I find myself missing my parents more at this time of year. With plenty of great holiday memories to choose from here is one of my favorite Christmas stories ,,,

My parents were both from West Virginia, and lived in Ohio before moving to California. When I was three we moved back to Ohio, and some of my earliest childhood memories are of looking out our big bay window at all of the snow.

That year Dad bought Mom the waffle maker she had been wanting. This wasn’t one of the little plastic models from Walmart, mind you. We are talking about the 1970s, so this was a full on cast iron waffle maker from Sears or some place.

One day Mom left to go to the store and Dad brought out the waffle maker and all of the wrapping apparel. We were in the process of wrapping it up when Mom walked through the door.

Dad grabbed everything and ran to the bedroom, with me following. When we got to the bedroom, he told me to let Mom in until he was finished wrapping.

Mom was more than curious and came knocking on the door. I told her she couldn’t come in and she tried to coax me into opening the door. 

Finally I blurted out, “Mom, you can’t come in, we’re wrapping your waffle maker!”

Dad stopped what he was doing, and just looked at me trying to hold back a laugh. Shaking his head, he told me to let her in. We opened the door to find Mom sitting in the hallway laughing hysterically.

And “You can’t come in, we’re wrapping your waffle maker” became part of the family lexicon.

Hope your Christmas Eve is merry and bright!

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