Finding the hidden gems

When artists release new albums the top hits are usually found in the first three to four songs. And those are the ones that tend to get more airtime on the radio.

But I have found that the tail end of the lineup can also produce what turn out to be my favorite song on the album.

Toby Mac’s album “Portable Sounds” was top-heavy with hits from “Boomin’ ” to “Made to Love” but my favorite song was “Lose My Soul” which was the 12th and final song on the CD and featured Kirk Franklin and Mandisa.

Toby’s latest album has another hidden gem in the No. 8 track “Thankful For You.”

Toby Mac has always been true to his beginnings and has always given credit for his success to God for surrounding him with people that will keep him on the straight and narrow. And this message is never more prevalent than in “Thankful For You.”

Check out the chorus:

“It’s never been my dream To see my face in magazines
It’s always been about the music Hoping God would use it
To set some people free

But I can say without a doubt, I never had it figured out
Lord you’ve opened every door, I’ve stepped through, yea
And I try to keep my head about me
I’m thankful for the friends around me
I’m thankful for You, yeah, I’m thankful for You”

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