God is in the details

There is an old English idiom, “The devil in the details.”

It refers to the “small things in plans and schemes that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later on.”

Scripture tells us, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

We tend to think of God as a big picture kind of guy. A master planner, with an eye on the grand scheme.

We think, He may know what he wants for us, where He wants us to end up, but there is no way He knows all the details that are needed to make that happen for each of us. He must need our “help.”

So we go through our lives worried about the details. Thinking that if we work out the details for ourselves, we will somehow stumble across God’s plan for our lives.

And do we ever stress and obsess over the details. Which usually leads to us coming up with our own plan. A plan with an end game that leads to what we think we want or need out of life.

We have been taught that “God is faithful to those that trust in Him.”

But do we really believe it. Do we trust that God has a plan for us, details and all, or just a vague plan of where he wants us to be.

I take pride in being able to figure out scenarios before they happen. In life and work, I try to “see the whole board” before committing to anything. 

I have spent a great deal of my life trying to figure out God’s plan for me, trying to beat him to the next step and know what is going to happen next. Impatiently looking for just a glimpse, a revelation, of what His plan is.

As I am getting older, I am just realizing the full potential in that statement — “God is Faithful to those that trust in Him.”

You see, we don’t have to figure out the details. We only need to TRUST that He knows what He is doing.

Sure it sounds simple enough, but like so many things in life, it is easier said than done.

Country singer Garth Brooks had a hit song about “Unanswered Prayers.” Looking back at our lives how many times have we thought we had found a good plan for our lives and asked God for help in making it happen. Only to look back later and see just how foolish we were.

Over the years I never lost sight, or doubted that He has a plan for me, but never fully trusted Him to deliver without my help. I always ended up looking at what I thought was a good plan, thinking that somehow I had messed up the details and missed my window. Only to find out that the possibilities were still there, I was just looking out the wrong window.

It stands to reason that if we trust that God has a plan for us, that we should trust that he knows the details. Because if you trust in Him and are Faithful, there will come a time when He may just pull back the curtain a little and give you a glimpse of what is possible.

No matter how many twists and turns your life has taken, no matter how many times you thought you had it figured out, to only be oh so wrong, you may realize His plan goes beyond anything you could ever imagine.

When you see just what his plan entails – at how all the cosmic tumblers fall into place at just the right time – you will stand in awe, and know that He is God.

Because, as it turns out, God is all about the details.

And I am all about the music, so I leave you with a song from my new favorite worship band – Jesus Culture “Your Love Never Fails”

2 thoughts on “God is in the details

  1. Earl Tate says:

    This is very good and I appreciate what it says very much.
    Thanks, Earl

  2. Steve Pennington says:

    Brian, this is very insightful. I often struggle to see the long view, the whole board. I would never have beaten Bartlet at chess. But I know as I grow older, I’m learning the same things. You’re in good company as you wait and let God be faithful; we all are. His love NEVER fails. Thanks.

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