Purpose over Pressure

Last week the Men’s bible study I attend focused on Luke 10 and the story of Martha and Mary.

In the story, Jesus was visiting their house and while Martha was busy being the hostess (cooking and setting up), Mary was sitting next to Jesus soaking it all in. When Martha complained that Mary wasn’t helping, Jesus said that Mary was actually doing the right thing.

The message was that sometimes in life we get so focused on what we are doing, that we forget why we are doing it.

As Christians, sometimes we get so focused on the traditions and routines that we lose sight of what is most important.

Earlier we read of how Mary and Joseph lost track of Jesus as a child. They were in Jerusalem for the annual festivities, and got so caught up in the celebration of the coming savior, that they literally lost sight of the Savior.

Organized religion can have that same problem. We get so caught up in WHAT we are doing, do we go to the right amount of services, sing the right songs, talk to the right people, that we simply forget WHY we are there in the first place, to commune with God.

The take away from last week’s message was that when your priority is WHAT you are doing, you wind up being driven by PRESSURE. And while being driven by pressure will motivate you, it can quickly burn you out.

When you are more concerned with WHY you are doing it, you are driven by PURPOSE.

And like most moments of Truth, this doesn’t just apply to our Christian walk, this pretty much applies to life in general.

So in the hustle and bustle of the new year, try to remain focused on the WHY, and remain driven by a purpose.