Revival time

I have been listening to and enjoying Third Day’s music for quite some time now. I have blogged before on how their music speaks out to me, just as I need it the most.

As they are well into their second decade of Christian music, I am always interested when they come out with a new album. Always intrigued by what kind of new twist they are going to bring to their classic southern rock sound.

Over the years they have gone from Rock, to worship, to live albums. Their latest album “Revival” is a throwback to the Gospel sound they all grew up on.

The title track “Revival” grabs you from the start …

“Anybody here looking for revival; In our own hearts and across the land
Anybody looking for a revival; Lift up your voice and say Amen”

As you let the entire album play, you can just feel the Holy Spirit wash over you.

Gonna Be There With Me; Leave This World BehindIn Your Hands

Take your pick, all are filled with the Word of God, and the smooth sounds of Mac Powell’s deep voice.

“Faithful and true” just might be my favorite of the bunch …

“More than I could ever hope for, More than I would ever need
Everything I’ve ever been or ever hoped to be
It’s all because of You, Your love is faithful and true”

Take a moment to listen …


Or maybe Let There Be Light

“Let there be light, Where there is darkness
Let there be hope, When there is none
Let there be peace, In the midst of sorrow
Let there be love, To bring us back home
To bring us back home”


We live in trying times and are desperately more in need of a Revival than ever before, and here is Third Day with a new message.

I have found over the years that Third Day has a song for just about everything you are going through. From dealing with loss and sorrow, to struggling to find your way through life’s storms, Third Day always seems to hit the right note and find the right words to say.

Or rather God finds a way to deliver his message through them. And He is always Faithful and True.